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BSG Students, Health, welfare and well-being

Young boy sleep in bed surrounded by a protective malaria bed net, Nigeria. (Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank, source: Flickr)

To end malaria in Nigeria, focus on health systems

The ongoing Ebola outbreak has dominated headlines for nearly a year. It is an undeniable catastrophe, with more than 10,000 lives lost and a long list of missed opportunities in the global response to the disease. However, there are a few lessons we can draw from this tragedy – particularly […]

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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Students

A day in the life of a BSG Student – episode 1

A day in the life of a BSG Student – episode 1

What does a typical day in the life of an MPP student look like? Ask any of our students and they will tell you that there is no straight answer – every day is different. Our MPP student Pádraig reports via Twitter!

by × 17 April 2015 ×

BSG Alumni, Governance, cooperation and law

Marian Schreier (first from right) at the BSG graduation ceremony

BSG alumni: three questions to Marian Schreier, newly elected mayor

Earlier this month we received amazing news from our alumnus Marian Schreier – he had just been elected mayor of Tengen, a 4,500-strong community in southern Germany, near the Swiss border. Having just turned 25, Marian is also the country’s youngest mayor. A member of the first class of BSG […]

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BSG Students, Governance, cooperation and law

Pádraig during a march for marriage equality in Dublin, Ireland (Photo: Emmet Curtin)

Make grá the law

I lean in and touch my lips against his. He’s still asleep. His lips are dry and coarse. His breath is a clash of last night’s chicken curry and the remnants of the Aquafresh toothpaste, that failed to fully fight the Indian odour. I lean in further, and chirpily whisper “Good morning” into his right ear. His eyes flash open and a glowing smile ripples across his face. He replies with a warm and croaky “I love you”, and playfully turns away from my pestering.

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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

A view of Oxford's high street in spring

Admissions update: a new beginning

Spring is the season of new beginnings. The trees are in bloom, the birds are singing and Oxford is looking more beautiful by the day. At BSG, spring coincides with the end of another admissions cycle, which means another kind of new beginning: we’ve had the first glimpse on our […]

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BSG Faculty, Governance, cooperation and law

Photo: Ichiro Guerra on Flickr Creative Commons

Why has Dilma Rousseff promoted so few women?

Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff will soon submit nominations for senior positions to the Congress for approval. Positions up for nomination include directors at the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) and a judge on the Brazilian Supreme Court (Supremo Tribunal Federal – STF). But Rousseff, one of the world’s most powerful women, […]

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Governance, cooperation and law, Guest author

Stop The War protest in London (image source: Flickr, Photo by: David Martyn Hunt)

Building peace: what role for business?

What do these have in common: a coffee cooperative in Timor, a shipping firm in Somalia, a mining company in Liberia, a garment factory in Haiti?

There is a story here, but telling it (for my book, Regulating Business for Peace) involved researching a series of gaps. It meant studying non-events, a ‘paucity of data…’, things that arguably should have happened and did not.

by × 23 February 2015 ×

Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

Our Admissions team with tutor for admissions Prof Monica Toft

An update from the Admissions control room

It’s almost a month since the deadline for applications to BSG, so we thought we’d give you an update. It has been a busy month for our Admissions team (pictured here) – the central Graduate Admissions and Funding team has been collating thousands of applications for all the graduate courses at the University of Oxford, and they’ve been sending the complete applications through to us.

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