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Dr Mahathir speaks to the press in front of the Central Market (Credit: The Star, Malaysia

Working with Mahathir – the right thing to do?

Earlier this week, a group of influential Malaysians signed a “Declaration” calling for Prime Minister Najib Razak to be removed and for institutional reforms. This is a major escalation in the effort to remove Najib, and an extraordinary development in Malaysian politics. Najib has faced months of exposés, investigations, and […]

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Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Mrs. Annan flew to Antananarivo, Madagascar last night.  

This afternoon they visited a primary health center, ante-natal care site with voluntary counseling and testing, family planing and reproductive health  in downtown Antananarivo, where they also met with people living with HIV/AIDS.

Future financing of health in Africa

The economic case for investing now and how to create alternative sources of funding. I attended and presented at the CABRI Conference on Financing Healthcare in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities, in Dar es Salaam last week of November.  CABRI brings together senior officials in ministries of finance and budget in Africa, […]

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Overcoming failure; restoring dignity

Overcoming failure; restoring dignity

Establishing progress towards economic and social prosperity – not just political change – is essential for Arab Countries in transition If a single word can summarize everything the young Arab protestors were trying to express during the Arab Spring, the word would be Dignity. Living with dignity was the manifestation […]

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Shared services – too good to be true?

Shared services – too good to be true?

Three hard truths for governments looking to save money through shared back-office services Last week, to the delight of many consultants, lobbyists and other government onlookers, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) in the USA announced a major development in President Obama’s management agenda – the creation of a […]

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Quratulain Fatima in her Pakistan Air Force uniform

Rewards beyond dreams – From Pakistan to BSG

With almost five days left until my arrival at the City of dreamy spires – Oxford – I am currently finalising my preparations, or to be precise my luggage contents. As I perch my laptop on my lap and sit back writing this blog, I now look back to my […]

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Photo by Michael Stern (source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Tasting the benefits of reducing food waste

Canadians could save a lot of money, help the environment and make food more affordable for the poor with a national food waste strategy. As a resident family physician, I often encounter patients whom I cannot help. Sometimes, the most I can do is give them a sandwich from the […]

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Can we shrink the car?

Can we shrink the car?

Peppered with questions and comments from the audience and lively, engaging discussion throughout, this Challenges of Government Conference session about the future of public transport in cities was truly enjoyable…

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BSG Class of 2013 celebrate at their first alumni event

Looking back to move forward – Reflections from the Class of 2013

Alumni Manager Michaela Graham reflects on how BSG students become part of a lifelong community of peers and what that experience feels like.