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Whose dreaming spires are these?

‘Missing Histories’ brings Oxford thinking

For a few days in the last month of 2013, Shanghai was suffering from the severest smog in the city’s history. It was also my final days presenting the BBC radio documentary “Missing Histories: China and Japan”. We made the final recording on the Bund of Shanghai, next to the […]

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Debating Federalism in Yemen

Debating Federalism in Yemen

The Southern Movement in Yemen, known as Southern Hirak, is closer than ever before to achieving a negotiated resolution that addresses at least some of its demands. Capitalizing on Southern grievances following the 1994 civil war in Yemen, Hirak established itself as a protest movement in 2007 demanding to address […]

by × 11 November 2013 ×

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The Case for Structural Reform

The Case for Structural Reform

The bank bailouts of the late 2000s have cost America’s taxpayers at least $21 billion, with comparatively hefty bills for taxpayers in Britain and the Eurozone, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In an attempt to reduce the probability of future bailouts, the US, the UK and the EU […]

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