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Winnie Yip speaks to a class of students at BSG

The BSG DPhil Programme: Interview with Professor Winnie Yip

Casper from the Admissions Team caught up with Professor Winnie Yip, DPhil Tutor for Admissions, to ask her about the newest BSG programme and what makes a good application, including top tips and don’t do’s. Read the interview insights here…

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BSG Faculty, Economic growth and resilience

Image source: Roberto Azevêdo - World Trade Organization on Flickr

The WTO’s Reform Crisis

The World Trade Organization’s director-general, Roberto Azevêdo, has called for an urgent shakeup of his institution. Last week, he declared the WTO to be in “the most serious situation [it] has ever faced,” and now he is convening crisis talks with member countries. One of the main reform proposals, reportedly […]

by × 30 October 2014 ×

BSG Faculty, Health, welfare and well-being

Image source: HIV Particle, AJ Cann Flickr

They said she was cured

It was announced today that a child from the United States who was previously thought to have been cured of HIV has relapsed, and not only has the virus been detected in her body, but an associated decrease in CD4+ T cells has also been seen. She is now on anti-retroviral […]

by × 11 July 2014 ×

BSG Faculty, Governance, cooperation and law

Oil Refinery at dawn (source: Glenn Euloth, Flickr)

SPARC bonds: a ‘sparkling’ new tool against fossil fuel subsidies

From boosting financial gains to reducing CO2 emissions, there are clear benefits from removing inefficient fossil fuel consumption subsidies. BSG Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Thomas Hale and Peter Ogden, Senior Fellow and Director of International Energy and Climate Policy at the Center for American Progress, explore a new policy tool that […]

by × 26 June 2014 ×

BSG Faculty, Economic growth and resilience

India’s unseen climate leadership

India’s unseen climate leadership

India is doing a lot to combat climate change. It is time to let the world know, and to be more proactive in international climate negotiations. India is changing, yet the government’s position in international climate negotiations is not. Despite increasingly ambitious national policies, India’s climate diplomats have maintained essentially the same stance since negotiations began in 1992: developed countries must commit to a legally binding schedule of emission reductions, while developing countries retain their right to carbon-intensive development.

by × 13 June 2014 ×

BSG Faculty, Security and conflict

Surveillance CCTV studio Buenos Aires

Are we living in an Orwellian state?

Edward Snowden is now a household name. Judgements about his actions vary: is he a traitor or heroic whistleblower? Regardless of your views, his revelations are having the effect he intended. In an interview just after the initial disclosures, he claimed that “My sole motive is to inform the public […]

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BSG Faculty, Governance, cooperation and law

Russian tanks in South Ossetia (source: Yana Amelina, Wikimedia)

Is Russia just cooking up trouble – again?

As the Ukraine crisis continues and Russia maintains its hard line in the territorial dispute ignited over Crimea, it is worth reviewing a paper written over five years ago by one of the Blavatnik School’s academics. BSG Professor Monica Duffy Toft has spent her academic career researching issues of international […]

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BSG Faculty, Economic growth and resilience

Ukraine Versus the Vultures

Ukraine Versus the Vultures

Amid all of its other troubles, Ukraine cannot pay its creditors. The country needs more money, serious reform, and a rescheduling of its debt. Yet even the best efforts by the International Monetary Fund, the United States, and the European Union to achieve this will be hobbled by investment agreements that they themselves have pressed on Ukraine and many other emerging economies. Indeed, Ukraine could be left facing a string of complex and costly legal cases.

by × 21 March 2014 ×