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Our Admissions team with tutor for admissions Prof Monica Toft

An update from the Admissions control room

It’s almost a month since the deadline for applications to BSG, so we thought we’d give you an update. It has been a busy month for our Admissions team (pictured here) – the central Graduate Admissions and Funding team has been collating thousands of applications for all the graduate courses at the University of Oxford, and they’ve been sending the complete applications through to us.

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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

Juan David and Diana on Matriculation Day

Student Life: Interview with Diana and Juan David

Meeting the families of some our students is almost normal business for us at BSG – with an age range from 21 to 41, it often happens that students relocating to Oxford from across the world are followed by their children and partners.
However, there was a lot of excitement when Juan David and Diana arrived last September, because their case is quite unique. They are married, and BOTH are BSG students! Diana is studying for an MPP, while Juan David is one of of our first DPhil students.

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Winnie Yip speaks to a class of students at BSG

The BSG DPhil Programme: Interview with Professor Winnie Yip

Casper from the Admissions Team caught up with Professor Winnie Yip, DPhil Tutor for Admissions, to ask her about the newest BSG programme and what makes a good application, including top tips and don’t do’s. Read the interview insights here…

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BSG Class of 2013 celebrate at their first alumni event

Looking back to move forward – Reflections from the Class of 2013

Alumni Manager Michaela Graham reflects on how BSG students become part of a lifelong community of peers and what that experience feels like.

Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

Make your dream of graduating from BSG a reality

Funding your study – Five steps to success

When anyone considers embarking on further study, there are two questions often foremost in their minds: Where? and How? We hope that, since you’re reading this blog, you can already answer the where question. You want to study with us at the Blavatnik School of Government. You’ve decided that BSG’s […]

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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

Application success: 3 things to do now

Application success: 3 things to do now

We are now almost two months into the current application window for BSG and coming close to the halfway mark. I hope my last blog gave you a good insight into the changes to our admissions processes for this year. BSG at Oxford University is an extremely dynamic place and we are […]

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Levy, Schiffrin and Woods at the event.

How journalism can still change the world

  “How many of you read newspapers or use TV and radio for their news at least once every two days?” Hands go up. The answer to such a question varies according to whom it is directed. A class of sixth-formers, the audience at a digital innovation conference or a […]

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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

BSG Co-founders wanted!

BSG Co-founders wanted!

Our newest MPP and DPhil classes have now safely arrived and a new BSG year has started. As always this means that the Admissions Team has passed on the incoming classes to our very competent colleagues in the Programmes Team and I will now start focusing exclusively on preparing for […]

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