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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

Former students (MPP 2018) at their graduation celebration in November 2019. Photo: John Cairns

MPP and DPhil admissions 2019: what to do before deadline

Admissions to Oxford’s Master of Public Policy and DPhil in Public Policy are due to close in a month’s time – Friday 10 January 2020 at 12:00 GMT. The checklist below is valid for both MPP and DPhil, unless specified otherwise. Please remember that the deadline to submit applications for […]

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The future of work in America

The future of work in America

Although the media often depict giant corporations as the engine of the American workforce, the opposite is closer to the truth. Global retail giant Walmart, for example, employs about 1.5 million workers in the US alone – about 1% of America’s workforce. Other major corporations such as Amazon, Home Depot, […]

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Admissions and Life at the School, BSG Staff

The MPP class of 2019

The value of Oxford’s Master of Public Policy – why choose our MPP?

Working in admissions at the Blavatnik School of Government, I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to meet potential students from all over the world, each looking to find a course that best suits them. Among the variety of questions they ask, there is one that comes up frequently and […]

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Group of American activists protesting

When corruption scandals open the doors of power for women

Whenever a corruption scandal hits the headlines, public attention tends to gravitate towards identifying the resources that have gone missing and the scoundrels responsible. Corruption often triggers collective moral outrage, and, at least where the problem is not systemic, it can motivate citizens to hold public officials to account. But […]

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High-rise house with trees, shrubs and hedges in the city of Milan

Distrusted by the young? Build integrity

Falling trust in government is a problem. It is a particular problem among the young. The Pew Research Center recently released data showing that US adults aged between 18 and 29 reported 22% less confidence in the military than those aged 50+, 18% less in the police, 6% less in […]

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Houses in Belfast

Should millennials be cheesed off about house prices?

The question of what duties are owed to future generations is a puzzling and difficult intellectual problem. It has ceased to be only that, however. As members of younger generations – millennials, born 1981–2000, and Gen Z, born since 2000 – encounter unexpected challenges in the economy, there is a […]

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Abstract crowds of people with virtual reality street display

Governing technological disruption: policy and regulation for a digital age

In 2018, Uganda passed a daily ‘social media tax’ of 200 Ugandan shillings (around US$0.05) for several internet applications, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Policymakers hoped the measure would increase revenue. It backfired: after the introduction of the tax, use of online platforms and tax revenues from these services plummeted […]

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Division of wealth from a rooftop in Casablanca, urban Morocco

Navigating the urban age

Whatever we might say is right or wrong with cities of the 21st century, they’re indisputably a defining feature of our age. As much as we’re post-modern, post-gender or post-colonial, we’re also post-rural. Our existence, for an increasing majority, is urban. Even more than that, our aspirations are urban. This […]

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