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São Paulo downtown, Brazil, 2016. Image: Wikimedia

Providing evidence to policymaking: helping the State of São Paulo face the COVID-19 crisis

March was a critical month for the unfolding of the COVID-19 pandemic in the world. While the virus started to spread rapidly across different countries, China, Spain and Italy portrayed a sombre future for those that left the virus unchecked. And that seemed to be the case for Brazil.  As […]

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An immune system for the body politic: Using social science to control COVID-19

An immune system for the body politic: Using social science to control COVID-19

COVID-19 attacks the human body, but it is largely the body politic that defends us against it. While we wait for vaccines and treatments, we depend on health systems, governments, and the actions of others to detect the virus, control its spread, and break the chain of infection. But our […]

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BSG Faculty, Health, welfare and well-being

Social distancing in Hyde Bus Station. Image by Gerald England.

Behavioural science, public policy and the MPP: putting nudges to work during the Coronavirus

In the past term, through the magic of video conferencing, students in the MPP module of Applied Behavioural Public Policy have explored a variety of ways in which behavioural science has been used in public policy to influence people – from getting them to pay their taxes on time, to […]

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Is panarchy relevant in the COVID-19 pandemic times?

The COVID-19 profoundly changed our lives in a short period of time. The Blavatnik School now offers innovative digital teaching and online forums where MPP students and alumni from different parts of the world can continue to develop critical thinking and debate policy issues. But the changes affecting our lives […]

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BSG Students, Governance, cooperation and law

Politics of policymaking with Dame Helen Ghosh – the Blavatnik School student podcast

Politics of policymaking with Dame Helen Ghosh – the Blavatnik School student podcast

The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought the policymaking process into sharp focus, highlighting the complex and interconnected challenges on how to take decisive action in the face of so many ‘unknown unknowns’. As countries around the world move towards easing lockdown measures, governments have struggled with the unintended consequences of […]

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Image by Alexandre FUKUGAVA from Pixabay

A matter of life and death: a note on the ‘Policing and Pandemics’ webinar

The role of law enforcement during the COVID-19 crisis has come into sharp focus the world over. Last April, the Blavatnik School of Government organised a webinar for its alumni on policing and pandemics. Led by Christopher Stone, Professor of Practice of Public Integrity at the School and international expert […]

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The ‘Window to the World’ at the Blavatnik School. Photo: John Cairns.

The “COVID cohort”: Redefining what it means to study public policy in a time of global crisis

Upon beginning the Blavatnik School of Government’s Master of Public Policy in September, I could have never imagined that I would be back at home in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada only six months later, having traded the ‘Window to the World’ for calls on Zoom and myriad other online platforms. […]

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Social distancing signs in London

Global governance: planning for the world after COVID-19

After COVID-19 there is a risk the world could be yet more divided, conflictual and nationalistic. But an alternative scenario is within reach. In this scenario, collective action within communities and, where necessary, internationally, will make a more rapid and peaceful exit from the crisis possible.   The high-risk scenario […]

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