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People gathered in Helsinki Central Railway Station to protest against Government actions in 2015. Image by Arto Alanenpää. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Confronting the global threat to democracy

Across the world, populists are attracting votes with their promises to protect ordinary people from the harsh realities of globalization. The democratic establishment, they assert, cannot be trusted to fulfill this purpose, as it is too busy protecting the wealthy – a habit that globalization has only intensified. For decades, […]

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Do Britons and other Europeans disagree on policy issues? The answer might surprise you

Do Britons and other Europeans disagree on policy issues? The answer might surprise you

Eurosceptics in the UK and elsewhere often argue that the EU subverts democracy by forcing countries with different values and economic systems to follow the same rules. The Vote Leave Campaign, for instance, laments that “Politicians have surrendered the UK’s power to veto laws we disagree with, so if the […]

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Un General Assembly Hall (Source: Wikimedia)

Leading the change

The new UN Secretary-General, to be appointed in 2016, will play a pivotal role in how the organisation tackles global challenges. With so much at stake, how can the UN ensure it gets the right person for the job? This is a crucial moment for the United Nations. In September […]

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Parade for India's Republic Day at the Ananda Shila School, Jharkhand state, India. Source: Wikimedia.

Headstart: Does it matter in institutionalizing democracy? The Indian example

They say that the first five years in the life of a child are crucial for her sound development, both emotionally and physically. In those years, especially the first three, a child’s foundation is built which then forms the basis for her future development. Thus a child who has access […]

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Undaunted by my death sentence

Undaunted by my death sentence

I received with total disbelief the news that on May 16 an Egyptian court had sentenced me to death — along with former president Mohamed Morsi, a number of his aides and several respected public figures, including renowned scholar Emad Shahin. The charges in my case, like Morsi’s, are false […]

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NDP leader Rachel Notley speaks on stage after being named Alberta's new Premier in Edmonton on May 5, 2015. (Photo: THE CANADIAN PRESS/Nathan Denette. Source: WikiMedia )

In defense of moderation

I’m a citizen of Alberta, supposedly the most right-leaning province in Canada. With an economy fueled mostly by energy royalties from our “oil-sands” in the north, the collapsed price of oil has not done our province any favors. In recent elections on 5 May 2015, voters decisively ended 44-straight years […]

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Houses of Parliament, Westminster, London

Five quick reflections on the UK election

At the Blavatnik School of Government, I’m often referred to as the “token British” student (there’s one other, but he is also Ecuadorian – I’m just plain old British). I’ve also been involved in the election, canvassing in the run up and all day on May 7th. Due to my […]

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Prof Ngaire Woods moderates a debate at the World Economic Forum 2015

Dispatches from Davos

Davos attracts some unusual groupies. This year the appearance of rapper Will.I.Am and ‘Happy’ Pharrell Williams caused a collective rush of pin-stripe suits urgently determined to get a selfie with a star. Personally, I managed to quench the urge to prove to my teenage children that Davos is cool — and got cool by tramping around in the snow instead.

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