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Digital transformation is not a plug-and-play solution

There’s probably not a government on the planet that’s yet to fully realise the value and potential in digital. The opportunity to make services more efficient and grow the economy has pushed digital transformation to the forefront of government reforms. But despite the opportunities — and the ambitions of many […]

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How to build a ‘digital nation’: Perspectives from Mongolia

How to build a ‘digital nation’: Perspectives from Mongolia

In 2020, the Mongolian government set out its five-year mission to build a ‘digital nation’, harnessing data and technology to facilitate innovation, streamline public services and diversify Mongolia’s mining-reliant economy. In July of that year, I was appointed as the Chairwoman of the Communications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia […]

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Health workers during the Ebola outbreak in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo, January 2019. 
Photo: World Bank / Vincent Tremeau

Catalyst for digital regulation: COVID-19 can push developing countries to improve the governance of digital technologies

Countries around the world are adopting increasingly stringent policies to contain the spread of COVID-19, and digital tools have been important allies in governments’ responses to the virus. The internet has of course proved invaluable to fill the void left by social distancing, allowing individuals to continue to work, study, […]

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Pathways for Prosperity Commissioners (including Shivani Siroya) at the final report launch in Nairobi Kenya, November 2019.  Photo: Paul Mbugua.

Four lessons on how to run a policy commission

I’ve just finished running a global commission based here at the Blavatnik School of Government: Pathways for Prosperity, co-chaired by – among others – Melinda Gates. It was set up to challenge the narrative that in developing countries, technology necessarily equals catastrophic job losses and widening inequalities, and to explore […]

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