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Digital transformation is not a plug-and-play solution

There’s probably not a government on the planet that’s yet to fully realise the value and potential in digital. The opportunity to make services more efficient and grow the economy has pushed digital transformation to the forefront of government reforms. But despite the opportunities — and the ambitions of many […]

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How to build a ‘digital nation’: Perspectives from Mongolia

How to build a ‘digital nation’: Perspectives from Mongolia

In 2020, the Mongolian government set out its five-year mission to build a ‘digital nation’, harnessing data and technology to facilitate innovation, streamline public services and diversify Mongolia’s mining-reliant economy. In July of that year, I was appointed as the Chairwoman of the Communications and Information Technology Authority of Mongolia […]

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Digital norms: co-governance for a trusted digital world

This is a timely blog. Fadi Chehadé proposes a digital co-governance system to address current and future digital issues buffeting the world. He brings to this proposal his experience at the helm of ICANN, one of the key institutions in the digital governance space, and his subsequent work as a […]

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Image from a panel discussion at the Blavatnik School of Government. Photo by John Cairns.

Why can’t the government be more like TripAdvisor?

To get a new driver’s license in Jakarta, one has to go to a police administrative office, whose front façade is usually adorned with large banners saying “our commitment is to give prime service” or “we’re not perfect but we always try.” But anyone who has been there knows that […]

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