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To save itself, the EU must look east

The people of the former Eastern Bloc know how a bad union can impact their lives, and consequently they see the immense benefits in their membership of a democratic, free and (relatively) prosperous union. But recent years, possibly decades, have shown that the European Union is in trouble. Not only […]

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Anti-Brexit march in London, July 2016. Photo by: David B Young. Source: Flickr Creative Commons

It’s perfectly sensible to want a second EU referendum. Here’s why

In 1955, a referendum was held in Sweden on whether the country should continue to drive on the left or if there should be a switch to the right. A government committee investigating this issue had recommended such a change, the main argument being that this was the traffic system […]

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Bulgaria will be taking on the presidency of the European Council in 2018

Eastern Europe and Brexit: Avoiding an ‘ever looser union’

As the Bratislava summit of the other 27 EU member states nears, shuttle diplomacy has intensified. After Theresa May’s tour of European capitals in late July, Angela Merkel met with fellow leaders last week. Both have had to acknowledge the concerns of Central and Eastern European countries – Slovakia for […]

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Brexit: Opportunity or peril for trade with small and poor developing economies?

Brexit: Opportunity or peril for trade with small and poor developing economies?

The UK is rethinking its position in global trade. In the wake of the UK’s EU referendum and the vote to “leave,” the government has created a new Department for International Trade and is busy re-deploying several hundred civil servants to staff it. Yes, after more than 40 years, trade […]

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March to protest against the result of referendum on British membership of the European Union.  Photo by: Sam Greenhalgh. Source: Flickr.

Brexit’s echo chambers

The lead up to the Brexit referendum was marked by widespread confidence that the UK would continue to remain in the EU. Complacency was epidemic, from strong market optimism (which would later suffer a heavy landing) to the unwillingness of businesses and politicians to consider the consequences of a change […]

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Protests in Sofia, Bulgaria (photo by Georgi C, source Flickr)

How the EU can help Bulgaria avert another banking crisis

In a few short weeks Bulgarian authorities are due to announce the name of the next governor of the country’s central bank. Until half a year ago, this seemed like a routine decision that would not attract the sustained attention of the general public. However, in the summer of 2014 […]

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The global challenge of inequality

The global challenge of inequality

The World Economic Forum has predicted that widening income disparities will, in the coming 12 to 18 months, become the greatest source of instability in the world. Antonio Garrigues Walker and Manuel Muniz suggest possible measures to reduce global inequality.

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Behavioral Science in the Regulatory State

Behavioral Science in the Regulatory State

President Obama’s Executive Order 13563 for the first time in history encouraged administrative agencies to draw upon the behavioral sciences in the design and implementation of new regulations. To date, however, agencies have received no practical guidance on how to integrate behaviorally inspired regulatory instruments into the regulatory process. How […]

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