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An Airbnb office in Toronto

Learning lessons from the ‘red flag men’ – how regulators should respond to innovation in financial markets

Throughout history, technological advances have put politicians and regulators in a difficult balancing act between embracing the benefits of the transformational changes brought by new technologies, versus providing reassurance to citizens that change can be managed and stability maintained. Take for example the advent of the self-propelled vehicles (cars), which […]

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The World Bank Main Complex Atrium. Image credit: Jaakko H

How to save the World Bank

The World Bank is quietly sliding into insignificance, as its core fee-paying clients increasingly seek other lenders. If it is to survive, its management will need to streamline its loan approval processes and leverage the unique assets that distinguish it from its competitors. The Bank once comfortably earned enough to […]

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The Case for Structural Reform

The Case for Structural Reform

The bank bailouts of the late 2000s have cost America’s taxpayers at least $21 billion, with comparatively hefty bills for taxpayers in Britain and the Eurozone, according to the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). In an attempt to reduce the probability of future bailouts, the US, the UK and the EU […]

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Global institutions after the crisis

Global institutions after the crisis

When Lehman Brothers collapsed and the global financial crisis erupted five years ago, many glimpsed a silver lining: the promise of more effective global economic governance. But, despite a flurry of early initiatives, the world remains as far from that goal as ever. The Financial Stability Board (FSB), established after the G-20 […]

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