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Image source: Wikimedia Commons.

Breaking new ground: social impact financing in healthcare

As an Australian junior doctor doing the rounds on an otherwise unremarkable Monday, here is a list of conditions you might encounter on a typical hospital ward: lung disease, heart disease, diabetes, vascular disease, dementia…and so the list goes on. And don’t forget Mr Smith in Bed 2A – he […]

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A technician cleans the phaco machine after the day’s operations are done. India. Photo: Aravind Eye Hospital.

Do governments have a role to play in healthcare?

Scientific advancement in healthcare has allowed human beings to double their life spans and effectively address lethal diseases such as malaria, cholera and the plague that have in the past wiped out entire civilizations. While there is no disagreement among policymakers on the importance of healthcare, a key area of […]

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Yes, I am a Rhodes Scholar who is “just” a family doctor. Here’s why.

Yes, I am a Rhodes Scholar who is “just” a family doctor. Here’s why.

“So you’re a Rhodes Scholar, and you’re just a family doctor?” If I was paid a dollar each time I’m asked this question, I can safely retire. It seems innocent enough, and it’s usually asked without malice. But the fundamental assumption behind this question alarms me: that family doctors are […]

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An image provided by the research project for Re-alignment of Health System Incentives to Improve Service Delivery and Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare in China: my summer project

Coming in to the MPP program, I wanted to learn more about health policy, especially regarding primary care reform (I’m a resident physician in general practice back home in Canada). While looking for a ‘summer project’, I did have many tempting choices, but fortunately didn’t suffer from analysis paralysis: BSG […]

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Young boy sleep in bed surrounded by a protective malaria bed net, Nigeria. (Photo: Arne Hoel / World Bank, source: Flickr)

To end malaria in Nigeria, focus on health systems

The ongoing Ebola outbreak has dominated headlines for nearly a year. It is an undeniable catastrophe, with more than 10,000 lives lost and a long list of missed opportunities in the global response to the disease. However, there are a few lessons we can draw from this tragedy – particularly […]

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£1m ‘obesity’ deal with Coke a no-no, BoJo.

Last week brought us the news that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to ‘tackle obesity’. They will match-fund £500,000 from the Mayor to encourage more people to get active. This is part of a trend of Coke sponsoring physical activity projects around the world, such as […]

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Image source: HIV Particle, AJ Cann Flickr

They said she was cured

It was announced today that a child from the United States who was previously thought to have been cured of HIV has relapsed, and not only has the virus been detected in her body, but an associated decrease in CD4+ T cells has also been seen. She is now on anti-retroviral […]

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Innovations in healthcare

Innovations in healthcare

How can we combine the ambitious goals of achieving equity and high performance under increasing economic constraints? This is probably the main challenge of health policy in the future. At the Blavatnik School’s 2013 Challenges of Government Conference, I attended a session on “Innovations in healthcare” to explore what kinds […]

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