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How do we consolidate and innovate cooperation?

How do we consolidate and innovate cooperation?

A few years after graduating with a MPP from the Blavatnik School of Government, I started to miss those “good old school days”. In 2020, an extraordinary year for almost everyone on earth, I had the pleasure of enjoying the MGG experience, which was more or less like a mini-MPP. […]

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in Hamburg, Germany the day after the attacks in Paris. Photo by Rasande Tyskar on Flickr.

Humanitarian innovation: Lasting solutions to big challenges?

Unprecedented numbers of migrants made their way across the Mediterranean in 2015. While policymakers argue about how best to respond, a bottom up social movement has flourished. From the Refugees Welcome website, dubbed Airbnb for refugees, to coding schools for refugees, innovators are using technology to ease pressures on services. […]

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