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A photo from Umushyikirano - National Dialogue Council 2013, Rwanda Parliament. Source Flickr Creative Commons

Where are the women? Some lessons for Pakistan from Rwanda

In Rwanda there is a saying. “The woman is the heart of the house, so if your heart is working well the whole body is also to benefit.” Many people in Pakistan may only relate Rwanda with the 2004 Hollywood flick, Hotel Rwanda, which tells the compassionate tale of a […]

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Quratulain Fatima in her Pakistan Air Force uniform

Rewards beyond dreams – From Pakistan to BSG

With almost five days left until my arrival at the City of dreamy spires – Oxford – I am currently finalising my preparations, or to be precise my luggage contents. As I perch my laptop on my lap and sit back writing this blog, I now look back to my […]

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Peshawar school attack: Will it be a turning point in the war against terrorism?

Peshawar school attack: Will it be a turning point in the war against terrorism?

Welcome to Denialistan and Contradictionistan. Yes, all this has happened in the “land of the pure” and there are no signs of it coming to an end in the near future. Will this prove to be the turning point in the war against extremism and terrorism? At least, I am not optimistic. Here are my reasons.

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Map of Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA) in Pakistan.

Pakistan – an opportunity to take a broader approach?

MPP student Rafiullah Kakar reflects upon the recent military offensive of the Pakistani government against the Taliban in the North-West of the country, which has forced almost half a million people to flee their homes. For Rafiullah, the military operation should just be the beginning of a broader approach.

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Deconstructing a dangerous narrative

Deconstructing a dangerous narrative

In an angry speech in the National Assembly on Monday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan urged all political parties to unite and stand up to the perceived American pressure to put an end to the drone strikes in Pakistan. Earlier, reacting emotionally to the US drone strike that reportedly killed […]

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Against the odds of history

Against the odds of history

The recent elections portend a democratic deepening in Pakistan. This is a moment to build on. The surprising landslide of Nawaz Sharif marks a historic moment in Pakistan’s political history. Many are optimistic that Pakistan has taken a momentous step towards strengthening its democracy. But for this opening to endure, […]

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