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Colombia peace march in 2008. Source: Flickr Creative Commons

Colombia’s peace agreement offers a roadmap towards justice, truth and reparation

This Sunday Colombians will vote to approve the peace agreement between the National Government and the Armed Revolutionary Forces of Colombia (FARC). The day of the signing, probably the country’s most important day in its modern history, followed the announcement of a definitive ceasefire made by President Juan Manuel Santos […]

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Celebrations in the squares of Bogota

The end of Colombia’s armed conflict is close: What policy challenges lie ahead?

Colombians witnessed a historical moment yesterday when the national government and the FARC guerilla signed an agreement to finalize a fifty-year old armed conflict. Thousands of people celebrated in city squares and the social networks were swept by a tsunami of messages about the peace accord. However, not everyone supports […]

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Stop The War protest in London (image source: Flickr, Photo by: David Martyn Hunt)

Building peace: what role for business?

What do these have in common: a coffee cooperative in Timor, a shipping firm in Somalia, a mining company in Liberia, a garment factory in Haiti?

There is a story here, but telling it (for my book, Regulating Business for Peace) involved researching a series of gaps. It meant studying non-events, a ‘paucity of data…’, things that arguably should have happened and did not.

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