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Stop The War protest in London (image source: Flickr, Photo by: David Martyn Hunt)

Building peace: what role for business?

What do these have in common: a coffee cooperative in Timor, a shipping firm in Somalia, a mining company in Liberia, a garment factory in Haiti?

There is a story here, but telling it (for my book, Regulating Business for Peace) involved researching a series of gaps. It meant studying non-events, a ‘paucity of data…’, things that arguably should have happened and did not.

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The Magic Wand?

The Magic Wand?

Will public and private sectors ever understand each other? I’ve just experienced an interesting week of classes in the Organisation & Practice module of the MPP – focusing on the relationship between public and private sectors. There was very good discussion about how the public sector has learnt from the […]

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