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A kaharingan shrine by Srilekha Sridhar

Perambulating in Palangkaraya

“There are only two seasons in Palangkaraya,” I was told, “raining and not raining.” Currently, we’re experiencing the ‘not raining’ season: hot during the day, less hot during the evening and humid all the time.

Almost feels like home.

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BSG Students, Health, welfare and well-being

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£1m ‘obesity’ deal with Coke a no-no, BoJo.

Last week brought us the news that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to ‘tackle obesity’. They will match-fund £500,000 from the Mayor to encourage more people to get active. This is part of a trend of Coke sponsoring physical activity projects around the world, such as […]

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