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Immigration may reduce the time you wait to see the doctor

Migrants’ free access to the NHS and the perceived health care costs associated with it have generated much debate in the UK and even resulted in the introduction of a fee for certain non-EU citizens. Some politicians have blamed migration for the increase in waiting times, particularly in A&E. In […]

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Five quick reflections on the UK election

At the Blavatnik School of Government, I’m often referred to as the “token British” student (there’s one other, but he is also Ecuadorian – I’m just plain old British). I’ve also been involved in the election, canvassing in the run up and all day on May 7th. Due to my […]

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The Anaemic State

The Anaemic State

As Britain’s Coalition government struggles to suppress state spending, key institutions of state bear the brunt of cuts. At home, the NHS budget is ‘ring-fenced’, but budget challenges remain, whereas the Police cling firm to their priorities despite facing deeper cuts. Pivotal in promoting British interests abroad, two institutions, the […]

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The Cabinet Table at Downing Street

The Table

The Blavatnik School today took a field trip to No.10 Downing Street – one highlight of which was a chance to sit at the famous Cabinet table. Downing Street is a short row of Georgian town-houses situated a small cul-de-sac off the main thoroughfare of Whitehall in central London.  As […]

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Margaret Thatcher, Conviction not Consensus

Margaret Thatcher, Conviction not Consensus

How can you sum up a life like Margaret Thatcher’s in a few hundred words? Today’s papers, much like last night’s television, will be full of the standard history of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership: ‘U-turn if you want to’; special forces storming the Iranian Embassy; Brixton burning; the task-force leaving Portsmouth […]

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The Magic Wand?

The Magic Wand?

Will public and private sectors ever understand each other? I’ve just experienced an interesting week of classes in the Organisation & Practice module of the MPP – focusing on the relationship between public and private sectors. There was very good discussion about how the public sector has learnt from the […]

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