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Who should lead international institutions?

Who should lead international institutions?

The United Nations is seeking a new secretary-general. The World Bank presidency is up for grabs. The World Health Organization needs a new head. The same goes for several other international organisations. At a time when conflicts of interest among the United States and its allies, together with the rise […]

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Trump speaks at an Arizona rally in March 2016. Photo: Gage Skidmore. Source: Wikimedia

Why don’t we trust our leaders?

In developed democracies today, political leadership is increasingly up for grabs. Voters, clearly tired of the status quo, want change at the top, leaving even major parties’ establishments struggling to install leaders of their choosing. In the United Kingdom, Labour Party MPs have been stymied in their efforts to unseat […]

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Muslim children in New York City supporting Park51. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Walking in fear as a Muslim

A 12-year-old girl is beaten at school in New York, is called “ISIS” and nearly has her hijab torn off by her classmates. A 16-year-old Somali American dies in a fall from a six-story building in Seattle that his family and the Muslim community in the city suspect was the […]

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Predator drone (Source: WikiMedia Commons)

Leaked drone files reveal ethical questions hang over ‘grey area’ strikes

Two years after Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified files detailing the West’s surveillance programmes, another whistleblower has revealed more secret documents, this time detailing the US drone strike operations against Islamist terrorists in East Africa, the Arabian peninsula and Afghanistan. Published by The Intercept website as The Drone Papers, […]

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Image source: henrytapia Flickr

Breaking down the climate change debate

‘Momentum’. It is a buzzword in politics. But, restoring it to its origins, I can recall, from the haziness of my high school physics education, a scientific law: that when opposing, inelastic, objects, each carried by its own momentum, collide, new forms of energy arise: heat and sound. This – […]

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Globalizing the Fed

Globalizing the Fed

Should the United States worry about whether its monetary policy is wreaking havoc on emerging and developing countries (EMDCs)? That was the question faced by the Federal Reserve at the height of its quantitative-easing program, when its monthly purchases of long-term assets drove yield-hungry investors into these countries, causing their […]

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Europe’s Asian Pivot

Europe’s Asian Pivot

CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD – The Obama administration’s so-called “pivot to Asia” is the most important strategic shift that the United States has undertaken since the end of the Cold War – and it has profound implications for Europe. But Europe’s leaders have largely ignored or misunderstood its significance, and thus have failed […]

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