Focus locally, Imagine globally at BSG

As a part of the first MPP cohort of Blavatnik School of Government, my time at Oxford has challenged me, motivated me and enriched me at the same time.

The course at BSG is carefully designed to make its students critical consumers of information and to navigate through tough decision making situations. When I enrolled in the MPP course , the importance and the challenge of making tough calls in public policy in uncertain situations had never occurred to me as glaringly, as my time at BSG exposed me in a short while.

Right at the beginning of the course, we were immersed in a policy challenge of ‘resource management’ which set the context right for us, that public policy is multi dimensional, involves hard decisions and the importance of asking the right questions.

The Foundations core course continuously challenged us to introspect our own value system on ethical dilemmas faced by leaders worldwide whereas the core economics course exposed us to models and frameworks, on which policy options and outcomes can be evaluated.

Having completed the first term, I feel I am more aware about the challenges of public policy and more confident with the new tools I have picked up to be able to navigate those!

The unceasing emphasis in BSG on leadership potential is breathtaking, and the freedom that is given to students to explore their specific interests makes this experience absolutely fulfilling. The school actively seeks for us meaningful professional engagement opportunities through summer projects and conferences that it organizes.

Having classmates from over 17 countries in a small cohort of 38 people, gives a lot of breadth to every discussion in the class. BSG really prepares one to focus locally, but imagine globally.

I am extremely thankful for my decision to do my MPP at BSG. As someone who aspires to participate in politics in India, I do not think I could have asked for a better training ground for critical thinking and leadership.

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