Application success: 3 things to do now

MPP students taking a picture at this year’s Opening Dinner. Start your application now and be in the picture next year!

We are now almost two months into the current application window for BSG and coming close to the halfway mark. I hope my last blog gave you a good insight into the changes to our admissions processes for this year. BSG at Oxford University is an extremely dynamic place and we are constantly striving to improve.

As part of this process a new application form has recently gone live, which offers a much clearer and intuitive application process. At the same time a new time deadline of 12 NOON for any given date deadline has been introduced to ensure that the central graduate admissions office can offer support around the close of deadlines. The central graduate admissions office of the university initially handles all applications and they are the best contact point for any technical queries concerning the new application forms.

Not everything changes though, and one of the things that has not changed is the importance of getting started early, in particular on materials that you are dependent upon external providers for. When applying to BSG there are several supporting materials that you need to submit where you are dependent upon external providers, namely your transcripts, references and proof of English Language. My advice here remains very similar to last year:

Secure your References

  1. Read the section on references in the Graduate Application Guide.
  2. Contact your referees now to ensure that they are willing to give you a reference.
  3. Enter their details into the online Application Form. Once they have been entered into the system they will be sent an automatic email inviting them to submit their reference online. Please note that this must be done before you finally submit your application. I highly recommended registering your referees on the online application form as soon as possible and well before you submit your application.
  4. Ensure that the references are submitted before deadline of 23 January 2015. Remember that it is your job to ensure your references are submitted on time.

Order your Transcripts

  1. Read the relevant section on transcripts in the Graduate Application Guide.
  2. Make sure that you have the necessary transcripts, which must cover every degree registered on the application form.
  3. If you are enrolled on a course that will not be finished in time for the application deadline, please submit a preliminary transcript detailing your marks to date.
  4. If you are enrolled on a masters course, you should submit a reference from this course as well.
  5. Scan them and upload them to the application form.

Schedule language tests if necessary

  1. Read the relevant sections on English Language on the BSG website
  2. If you do not qualify for a language waiver, please schedule a time for a language test as soon as possible to ensure that your results will be published and available in time.
  3. If you are unable to submit a language test result before the deadline, please submit a waiver request with your application explaining your situation and when your test result will be published.
  4. Please remember that any waiver is at the discretion of the admissions committee and you may still be asked to submit a test, so if you are in doubt submit a test score.

Now is the time, if you have not already done so, to really start on these items as you may otherwise find yourself pressed for time when the deadline approaches in January. Remember late or incomplete application will not be considered. Good luck!