A day in the life of a BSG Student – episode 2

You might have read my musings about BSG in my latest blog post. This time I’d like to be a bit more specific about what life at BSG is like – while I was going through my phone’s photo gallery, I realised that many of the photos I had taken in the last few months could really help visualise “day in the life” of a BSG student. I hope you enjoy it!

7.30am Wake up! Morning breakfast with a view on one Oxford’s beautiful green spaces.


8.15am Cycling to BSG – a bike is a great way to get around Oxford. This photo is from a few months ago – now that the temperature is warming up, cycling is even better!


9:30am Time to meet  the Study Group #1. We are a group of 7 Latinos and a Japonese that get together every now and then to discuss the course material and help each other clarify anything in preparation for the assignments and exams.

Preparing speeches

1:00pm Sometimes we spend our lunch hour discussing ideas – in this case we were talking about our next assignment!


2:00pm Waiting for class to start – this year, the MPP class is composed by 76 students from all around the world. I really value my classmates!


4:00pm The climate change talks simulation is underway. I’m representing Poland in the (simulated) UNFCC.

Simulation of climate talks in the classroom

6:00pm I feel so luck to be able to study in the Radcliffe Camera, part of the Bodleian Library. It’s my favourite spot in Oxford!


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