BSG admissions countdown: How to apply in one week

As of today, there is exactly one week left before the application window for our MPP programme closes (12 noon UK time, on 22 January). Now is the time to turn your intent to join BSG into action – after all, the surest way to lose out on the chance to attend is not to apply.

Students at the 2015 welcome event
Students at the 2015 welcome event. Photo by John Cairns

To make sure that you submit your best possible application on time, we’ve listed a few tips to help you organise your last few days:

7 days left: Find three referees (at least one academic) who are familiar with your achievements and will be able to provide you a reference letter by 22 January.

6 days left: Scan or upload certified copies of official transcripts produced by your university, for past or current studies. You don’t need to mail them yet!

5 days left: Edit a great piece you have already written (by yourself) to show how well you write and analyse a pressing policy issue.

4 days left: Write a Personal Statement that tells us why you want to join the MPP, and why the MPP needs you. This is a great chance to explain your passion for public service and plans to create impact.

3 days left: If you need to show proof of your proficiency in English, check if you might be eligible for a waiver and write a letter. Otherwise make sure you’ve included your test results (regardless of the outcome) or book a test as soon as possible.

2 days left: Tailor your CV, personal statement, and written work to reflect how you meet our three selection criteria: academic excellence, commitment to public service, and leadership and impact.

1 day left: Make sure all of your referees have submitted their forms and letters.

12:00 GMT, deadline day: Click Submit!

If you are working towards applying for our DPhil in Public Policy, many of the same points will apply, but you should consult our DPhil course pages to make sure you know the different application requirements. This is not your last chance to apply for our DPhil as there is a second deadline on 11 March, although to be considered for University wide funding schemes you must apply by the January deadline.

Your application can be completed on time if you start now! The Admissions Committee look forward to reviewing the hard work you have put into it, and hope to welcome you to BSG in September.

Kira works in the Admissions Team at BSG. Find out more about our MPP and DPhil.

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