Admissions update: decisions, decisions…

The decisions have been made, the offer emails have been sent and a brand new class of Master of Public Policy students is taking shape.

MPP students during the policy simulation
Current MPP students during the policy simulation earlier this month.

If you’ve applied to study with us in next autumn, you will probably have heard from us by now.

So for those of you who have made it on to the MPP – huge congratulations! We hope you will accept the offer and decide to join us in September. Once you’ve accepted your offer, your application will be passed to the colleges for consideration – the process might take several weeks so please be patient!

If you think you might need financial assistance, make sure you fill in the Scholarship Questionnaire, keep on top of your funding applications and continue to look for financial help (read this blog on funding to give you some ideas, and the funding pages on the BSG website).

But… we know that for every place on the MPP there are at least 5 people who have received a disappointing “no”. So here are a few words for you.

It’s a really competitive course: we received over 700 applications this year. This represents a 22% increase on last year, meaning that entry is more competitive than ever. The chance of becoming one of the 120 incoming MPP students has dropped from 20% to 16%.

Sarah from the BSG admissions team, says: “We’ve always had to make hard choices in the admissions process, and this includes turning down qualified applicants. We only have 120 places! Every year it’s becoming more difficult to make our final selection – the candidates are exceptional and many of them meet the basic criteria of application.”

This year we have received applications from over 100 different countries and territories from Madagascar to Bhutan, with a huge range of backgrounds and experiences. We carefully consider what is the unique perspective that each person can bring to the rest of the class. It’s exactly this vibrancy that is at the heart of the learning experience at BSG and we are very proud of it.

This is to say that not being offered a place this time doesn’t mean that you are not the right applicant. If the MPP is really what you want to do, we do hope you will apply again come September. Every year is a different cycle and has a different pool of applicants, so you have another chance. In the meantime, although we are unable to provide feedback on unsuccessful applications, our MPP coordinator Adam has some good words of advice on what to do to up your chances of being successful: “Think about how to you want to serve the public, and take the steps to do so. The MPP shouldn’t be an end-goal. It should be a step on your path to being a better policy maker.” (Read the full interview)

Admissions will open again for 2017 this September, so if you haven’t received an offer – and also if you have – keep an eye on our website, as well as on Facebook and Twitter. Everyday you will discover something new about the BSG community, from student activities and events, to faculty’s research and speakers visiting the School.

Finally, a really big “thank you” to each and every one of you for applying to study at BSG – we really value the trust you put in the School, and we hope you will continue to follow us in our path to better government around the world!