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Brexit: Opportunity or peril for trade with small and poor developing economies?

Brexit: Opportunity or peril for trade with small and poor developing economies?

The UK is rethinking its position in global trade. In the wake of the UK’s EU referendum and the vote to “leave,” the government has created a new Department for International Trade and is busy re-deploying several hundred civil servants to staff it. Yes, after more than 40 years, trade […]

by × 27 July 2016 ×

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Image from the Remain and Leave campaign boat protests on the Thames, 15 June 2016

Democracy in a post-Brexit world

Britain has voted to leave the EU. The consequences could range from eventual breakdown of the UK to decades spent in economic recovery. It seems hard to believe that British people voted in favour of a position that makes little economic or political sense.

by × 11 July 2016 ×

Economic growth and resilience, Students

Beijing by Philip McMaster (Source: Flickr creative commons)

A Chinese tale of Phaethon

Can Beijing manage the soars and dives of its stock chariot? Scarcely any government is as good as Beijing when it comes to keeping individual economic activities and market interactions under control, but even the most powerful state capitalist on this planet has tasted some bitterness in the fruit of […]

by × 30 July 2015 ×

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Australian wind farm, picture by David Clarke on Flickr

Sound and fury, signifying nothing

On January 21st, 2015 The Australian published an article on the front page of the paper reporting on a ‘groundbreaking study’. This study showed that ‘people living near wind farms face a greater risk of suffering health complaints caused by the low-frequency noise generated by turbines’. The wording of that […]

by × 03 March 2015 ×

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BSG alumni Fiona Smith (left), Enrique Zapata and Emma Truswell

Open data: connecting people – just like BSG

It should not have surprised me that my first unplanned BSG connection happened at an international leaders’ event. This week, my team at the Open Data Institute has brought together outstanding open data leaders from governments around the world as the inaugural cohort of the Open Data Leaders Network, starting […]

by × 20 February 2015 ×

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Cairo and Alexandria - Image source: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr

‘Flourishing Cities’: partnering for resilience

‘Flourishing Cities’ is the theme this week of our annual Challenges of Government conference at the Blavatnik School of Government here in Oxford. From an Africa perspective, the conference programme speaks to the scale of urban development and human security challenges in fast-growing cities. Far from Oxford’s pleasant setting, these challenges come across very vividly in the heaving expanse of cities from the Cape Flats in South Africa to Cairo.

by × 11 December 2014 ×

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Image source: Roberto Azevêdo - World Trade Organization on Flickr

The WTO’s Reform Crisis

The World Trade Organization’s director-general, Roberto Azevêdo, has called for an urgent shakeup of his institution. Last week, he declared the WTO to be in “the most serious situation [it] has ever faced,” and now he is convening crisis talks with member countries. One of the main reform proposals, reportedly […]

by × 30 October 2014 ×

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Image source: Dilma Rousseff by Sala de Imprensa Flickr

Brazil’s Institutional Limbo

International investors are watching closely as Brazilians prepare to vote in the second round of the presidential election on October 26. Their vote will not only decide who will be the country’s next president; it may also determine the future of the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), and therefore the […]

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