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Admissions and Life at the School, Guest contributor

Choir performance at Queen's College, Oxford. Photo by author.

A discoverer’s life at Oxford

Last year, almost ten years since I was last in the UK, I came back to spend some time at Oxford’s Blavatnik School of Government as their Caixin Visiting Fellow. In the middle of the Brexit chaos, Britain almost seemed a completely different country. In addition, having grown up in […]

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Economic growth and resilience, Guest contributor

Satellite image of the Amazon river in northern Brazil in 2017. There are large brown areas where the vegetation has been cleared away. Photo: European Space Agency.

Growing with net-zero CO2 emissions

We all want to see the recovery of investment in Brazil. The fall in investment has been a major factor in the weakness of our GDP, and its resumption is the path to more jobs and social peace. Despite the clouds in the global trade arena, several elements favouring investment […]

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Guest contributor, Science and technology

The case for hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuels

The case for hydrogen as a replacement for fossil fuels

Hydrogen (H2) can play a key role in decarbonising the world economy in the next 15 years, giving a real chance to keep global warming close to the threshold of 2 degrees Celsius. H2 obtained from solar energy can become a major source of heat for households and industry, also […]

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Governance, cooperation and law, Guest contributor

Megan Rapinoe with her arms outstretched after a game earlier in the year. Photo by Jamie Smed on Flickr.

We’re in a movement moment but we need public service values more than ever

It’s not even the end of July but we already have the most iconic photographs of the summer, possibly the year. In the first Megan Rapinoe stands with her arms outstretched, dominating not just the pitch on which she has displayed such extraordinary talent but the global media conversation about […]

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Economic growth and resilience, Guest contributor

Cairo and Alexandria - Image source: NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr

‘Flourishing Cities’: partnering for resilience

‘Flourishing Cities’ is the theme this week of our annual Challenges of Government conference at the Blavatnik School of Government here in Oxford. From an Africa perspective, the conference programme speaks to the scale of urban development and human security challenges in fast-growing cities. Far from Oxford’s pleasant setting, these challenges come across very vividly in the heaving expanse of cities from the Cape Flats in South Africa to Cairo.

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Governance, cooperation and law, Guest contributor

Image source: Dilma Rousseff by Sala de Imprensa Flickr

Brazil’s Institutional Limbo

International investors are watching closely as Brazilians prepare to vote in the second round of the presidential election on October 26. Their vote will not only decide who will be the country’s next president; it may also determine the future of the Central Bank of Brazil (BCB), and therefore the […]

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Economic growth and resilience, Guest contributor

Europe’s Asian Pivot

Europe’s Asian Pivot

CAMBRIDGE/OXFORD – The Obama administration’s so-called “pivot to Asia” is the most important strategic shift that the United States has undertaken since the end of the Cold War – and it has profound implications for Europe. But Europe’s leaders have largely ignored or misunderstood its significance, and thus have failed […]

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Economic growth and resilience, Guest contributor

The case for political reform in Europe

The case for political reform in Europe

The recent economic crisis has revealed, amongst other things, that certain political systems in southern Europe seriously struggle to deliver good governance. Political elites in Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain have not only proven incapable of delivering prosperity to their people but have presided over (and in some cases profited […]

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