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Close-up of a traditional, worn sign showing the direction to the town hall.

Efficiency and legitimacy in inter-local agreements: why collaboration has become a default choice among councils

Historically, English local councils aspired to be self-sufficient. Despite engaging in thorough collaboration with agencies outside of the local government system, local authorities have exhibited a remarkable aversion to the kinds of inter-municipal collaboration commonly practised in Europe and the USA. But this changed markedly after 2010, with the Conservative–Liberal Democrat coalition government […]

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The IMF’s euro crisis

The IMF’s euro crisis

Over the last few decades, the International Monetary Fund has learned six important lessons about how to manage government debt crises. In its response to the crisis in Greece, however, each of these lessons has been ignored. The Fund’s participation in the effort to rescue the eurozone may have raised […]

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The Anaemic State

The Anaemic State

As Britain’s Coalition government struggles to suppress state spending, key institutions of state bear the brunt of cuts. At home, the NHS budget is ‘ring-fenced’, but budget challenges remain, whereas the Police cling firm to their priorities despite facing deeper cuts. Pivotal in promoting British interests abroad, two institutions, the […]

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