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EU flags at the European Commission Berlaymont building. Image by Guillame Périgois via Unsplash.

What does it mean to be green? Some remarks on the EU sustainable finance package

In its quest to make Europe the ‘first climate-neutral continent’, the EU has established a sustainable finance action plan that seeks to channel funds towards ‘greener’ economic activities and investments that will lead the world towards a net-zero circular economy with little environmental impact. The EU Taxonomy Regulation – an […]

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Tinkoff Bank Mobile banking application. Source: Wikimedia Commons

The role of financial technology in the fight against poverty

Let me begin this blogpost with what I think is a necessary preamble. Having lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for the past several years, I’m well aware of the problems posed by profit masquerading as purpose.  Tech company after tech company has claimed that their product is going […]

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Third-party information as a tax tool

Third-party information as a tax tool

“In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes”, said Benjamin Franklin. Taxes have always been frowned upon and tax collectors have been vilified and despised, except probably by Christ (and since he came for the scum of the earth, this is the exception that […]

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Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca   headquarters. Source: Wikimedia.

The Panama papers have further undermined our trust in institutions

The outrage created by the Panama Papers is understandable. The money laundering that persons at the highest echelons have been engaged in increases the sentiment held by many “ordinary people” that they are living in a society dominated by an elite engaged in pervasive corruption and endemic greed. For many, […]

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Secretary-General Kofi Annan and Mrs. Annan flew to Antananarivo, Madagascar last night.  

This afternoon they visited a primary health center, ante-natal care site with voluntary counseling and testing, family planing and reproductive health  in downtown Antananarivo, where they also met with people living with HIV/AIDS.

Future financing of health in Africa

The economic case for investing now and how to create alternative sources of funding. I attended and presented at the CABRI Conference on Financing Healthcare in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities, in Dar es Salaam last week of November.  CABRI brings together senior officials in ministries of finance and budget in Africa, […]

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A woman prepares for an HIV test in Uganda. ©2011, Sokomoto Photography for International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI)

Acting boldly on HIV/AIDS

Kenya’s HIV/AIDS 2015 conference, Maisha 2015 (meaning life in Swahili), in which I gave a Keynote Address, highlighted the knowledge and advocacy resources that have been mobilized by the country to fight the HIV pandemic. My speech focused on the mission and messages of RethinkHIV: Death sentence to debt sentence: […]

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Factory image source: danielfoster Flickr

Enterprise citizenship: a model for change

It was Saturday afternoon, and I had just come to the end of my second week in Nairobi. A friend of mine has her finger on the pulse, and she had heard that an Australian girl was running boozy brunches out of her leafy backyard in Lavington – so along […]

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Oil Refinery at dawn (source: Glenn Euloth, Flickr)

SPARC bonds: a ‘sparkling’ new tool against fossil fuel subsidies

From boosting financial gains to reducing CO2 emissions, there are clear benefits from removing inefficient fossil fuel consumption subsidies. BSG Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr Thomas Hale and Peter Ogden, Senior Fellow and Director of International Energy and Climate Policy at the Center for American Progress, explore a new policy tool that […]

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