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Image from a panel discussion at the Blavatnik School of Government. Photo by John Cairns.

Why can’t the government be more like TripAdvisor?

To get a new driver’s license in Jakarta, one has to go to a police administrative office, whose front façade is usually adorned with large banners saying “our commitment is to give prime service” or “we’re not perfect but we always try.” But anyone who has been there knows that […]

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Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca   headquarters. Source: Wikimedia.

The Panama papers have further undermined our trust in institutions

The outrage created by the Panama Papers is understandable. The money laundering that persons at the highest echelons have been engaged in increases the sentiment held by many “ordinary people” that they are living in a society dominated by an elite engaged in pervasive corruption and endemic greed. For many, […]

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UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka and UN Women Goodwill Ambassador Emma Watson at HeForShe Campaign special event 
(New York, 19 September 2014)

Whose business is the unfinished business of gender parity

Dark Clouds. Downpour. Determined still. To brave it all and listen to the woman who elaborated Why Women Still Can’t Have It All. Brandishing a fractured wrist in a bandage, Anne Marie-Slaughter recounted how phenomenal her female nurse in Davos was and well, how her replacement male nurse was not […]

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A technician cleans the phaco machine after the day’s operations are done. India. Photo: Aravind Eye Hospital.

Do governments have a role to play in healthcare?

Scientific advancement in healthcare has allowed human beings to double their life spans and effectively address lethal diseases such as malaria, cholera and the plague that have in the past wiped out entire civilizations. While there is no disagreement among policymakers on the importance of healthcare, a key area of […]

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A photo from Umushyikirano - National Dialogue Council 2013, Rwanda Parliament. Source Flickr Creative Commons

Where are the women? Some lessons for Pakistan from Rwanda

In Rwanda there is a saying. “The woman is the heart of the house, so if your heart is working well the whole body is also to benefit.” Many people in Pakistan may only relate Rwanda with the 2004 Hollywood flick, Hotel Rwanda, which tells the compassionate tale of a […]

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Sarpanch Kamala Devi (in blue saree) in her office at the Gram Panchayat Kankradara, District Dungarpur, Rajasthan. (Photo credit: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh. Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Does power have to be male?

On a balmy Bangalore morning, amidst flower sellers and office goers, as my driver stopped the car at the raised hand of the traffic police woman, he remarked confidently that even if he sped past her she would not do anything. When I asked him why, he reduced the volume […]

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Joanne in Oxford

More than a ‘name on the ballot’: why politics, why now?

Last week, I launched a campaign to contest the Canadian federal nomination for the New Democratic Party in my hometown riding of Sherwood Park-Fort Saskatchewan. Canada is preparing for a federal election in October, and after almost 10 years of Conservative rule our multi-party political system is primed for an […]

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Undaunted by my death sentence

Undaunted by my death sentence

I received with total disbelief the news that on May 16 an Egyptian court had sentenced me to death — along with former president Mohamed Morsi, a number of his aides and several respected public figures, including renowned scholar Emad Shahin. The charges in my case, like Morsi’s, are false […]

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