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Nigeria: the salience of depoliticising election management bodies

Nigeria: the salience of depoliticising election management bodies

Across the world, election management bodies (EMBs) operate as bulwarks of the democratic process. By superintending electoral competition, EMBs uphold democratic values, influence political behaviour and shape the character of democratic institutions. These daunting tasks vest substantial responsibility in electoral institutions to ensure decisions, policies and programmes are guided by […]

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Distrusted by the young? Build integrity

Falling trust in government is a problem. It is a particular problem among the young. The Pew Research Center recently released data showing that US adults aged between 18 and 29 reported 22% less confidence in the military than those aged 50+, 18% less in the police, 6% less in […]

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How to select the next UN Secretary-General

When the United Nations elects a new secretary-general next year, the world will face a crucial choice. With crises erupting in every region of the world, the need for strong, decisive leadership is self-evident. And yet the selection process for filling important international posts has often been characterised more by […]

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