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Mining in Sierra Leone. Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Reputable mining investors wanted in Sierra Leone

How to improve integrity due diligence in mining license management On the first anniversary of the Panama Papers, the National Minerals Agency (NMA) of Sierra Leone wants to know who they are doing business with. The NMA is the government agency responsible for issuing mining licenses. Beny Steinmetz of Simandou […]

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MPP student Cameron Bell in Iraq

Summer project fieldwork: Between Iraq and a hard place

It was already feeling like a long day when I sat down with Ahmed for a cup of Iraqi sweet tea. He had come from the nearby Kurdish department of foreign relations, but I had come north from Sulaymaniyah, about a 3-hour drive away, in mid-day temperatures hovering around 46C. […]

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Why coal production must end

Why coal production must end

Germany is now producing more coal than for twenty years. This has occurred in a society that prides itself on its concern about climate change and has the largest Green party in Europe. Underlying this evident disconnection between concern and behaviour is an international failure to link the challenge of […]

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