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London, UK - 9th November, 2011:  Two London policemen standing by the roadside during a demonstration being held in Central London. Their motorcycle colleagues are positioned in the background.

Exploring public leadership in the BLM era: a case study on stop and search

Last year, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement focused global attention on the deep-seated challenges of racism and police violence in Black communities, with activists around the world advocating for racial justice on an unprecedented scale. This is a major challenge of our time – one that demands the attention […]

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Sarpanch Kamala Devi (in blue saree) in her office at the Gram Panchayat Kankradara, District Dungarpur, Rajasthan. (Photo credit: UN Women/Gaganjit Singh. Source: Flickr Creative Commons)

Does power have to be male?

On a balmy Bangalore morning, amidst flower sellers and office goers, as my driver stopped the car at the raised hand of the traffic police woman, he remarked confidently that even if he sped past her she would not do anything. When I asked him why, he reduced the volume […]

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The Anaemic State

The Anaemic State

As Britain’s Coalition government struggles to suppress state spending, key institutions of state bear the brunt of cuts. At home, the NHS budget is ‘ring-fenced’, but budget challenges remain, whereas the Police cling firm to their priorities despite facing deeper cuts. Pivotal in promoting British interests abroad, two institutions, the […]

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