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An image provided by the research project for Re-alignment of Health System Incentives to Improve Service Delivery and Affordable Healthcare

Healthcare in China: my summer project

Coming in to the MPP program, I wanted to learn more about health policy, especially regarding primary care reform (I’m a resident physician in general practice back home in Canada). While looking for a ‘summer project’, I did have many tempting choices, but fortunately didn’t suffer from analysis paralysis: BSG […]

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Kiribati Image source: Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade

Global Risks: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Failure in Kiribati

Every year since 2005, the World Economic Forum in Geneva has published a Global Risks Report, analysing the major challenges facing the world. This year, failure to mitigate climate change was listed 5th out of 31 risks, followed at 6th by a greater incidence of extreme weather events. Thousands of miles away, residents of the small islands of Kiribati did not need to read the WEF report to learn that climate change is a serious threat to the world. Living on atolls where most land is less than 3-4m above sea level, they know firsthand how vulnerable they are and what is at stake if we fail to mitigate global climate change.

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A beautiful morning on the Sebangau River

River Stories

It is noon and we are stuck in the middle of the river. The boat driver and park guard strain against the boat, but it doesn’t budge. Everything is silent, except for the choir of insects that keep trying to gain entrance into our ears. A macaque sneers at us from the forest and lopes off, leaving us to our fate.

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Admissions and Life at the School, Students

The first boat of Amsterdam Gay Pride Parade 2014 in memory of the MH17 victims, 193 of which were from the Netherlands. Image source: Manjit Nath

Internalizing BSG-ism

I took more than a week’s time to pick a title for this blog-post. Finally I decided to settle with the word ‘internalize’, which is indeed a ‘gifted word’ from Professor Paul Collier to our MPP cohort. Without going into that story, let me write six lines for the outside-BSG […]

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Factory image source: danielfoster Flickr

Enterprise citizenship: a model for change

It was Saturday afternoon, and I had just come to the end of my second week in Nairobi. A friend of mine has her finger on the pulse, and she had heard that an Australian girl was running boozy brunches out of her leafy backyard in Lavington – so along […]

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A kaharingan shrine by Srilekha Sridhar

Perambulating in Palangkaraya

“There are only two seasons in Palangkaraya,” I was told, “raining and not raining.” Currently, we’re experiencing the ‘not raining’ season: hot during the day, less hot during the evening and humid all the time.

Almost feels like home.

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Image source: morgueFile

£1m ‘obesity’ deal with Coke a no-no, BoJo.

Last week brought us the news that London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has teamed up with Coca-Cola to ‘tackle obesity’. They will match-fund £500,000 from the Mayor to encourage more people to get active. This is part of a trend of Coke sponsoring physical activity projects around the world, such as […]

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