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The ‘tech’tonic plates begin to shift

Russia is back with a bang this month in the great game of cyber competition. The SolarWinds supply chain compromise, which counts among its confirmed victims some of the most important institutions in the US government and one of America’s best cyber security companies, will go down in history as […]

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Health workers during the Ebola outbreak in Beni, Democratic Republic of Congo, January 2019. 
Photo: World Bank / Vincent Tremeau

Catalyst for digital regulation: COVID-19 can push developing countries to improve the governance of digital technologies

Countries around the world are adopting increasingly stringent policies to contain the spread of COVID-19, and digital tools have been important allies in governments’ responses to the virus. The internet has of course proved invaluable to fill the void left by social distancing, allowing individuals to continue to work, study, […]

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The future of work in America

The future of work in America

Although the media often depict giant corporations as the engine of the American workforce, the opposite is closer to the truth. Global retail giant Walmart, for example, employs about 1.5 million workers in the US alone – about 1% of America’s workforce. Other major corporations such as Amazon, Home Depot, […]

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Abstract crowds of people with virtual reality street display

Governing technological disruption: policy and regulation for a digital age

In 2018, Uganda passed a daily ‘social media tax’ of 200 Ugandan shillings (around US$0.05) for several internet applications, including Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp. Policymakers hoped the measure would increase revenue. It backfired: after the introduction of the tax, use of online platforms and tax revenues from these services plummeted […]

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View from above of Amazon cardboard box against yellow background. Source: AdrianHancu (iStock)

Why governments fear regulating technology companies

Any item you can think of delivered to your home in a matter of hours and at a low price; rides taking you from one side of the city to the other quickly and conveniently; staying connected to your friends and family, seeing their every update with the swipe of […]

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1 May 2019: Girl in uniform at the Yonggwang subway station, Pyongyang Metro

North Korea’s millennials (aka ‘Jangmadang Generation’ and Generation Z

After finishing her homework and house chores and saying goodnight to her parents, Ha-Young would plug her earbuds into her tablet, and watch the latest Korean drama series underneath her blanket. Upon finishing the series, she would take the USB stick to school and quietly ask her trusted friends if […]

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An Airbnb office in Toronto

Learning lessons from the ‘red flag men’ – how regulators should respond to innovation in financial markets

Throughout history, technological advances have put politicians and regulators in a difficult balancing act between embracing the benefits of the transformational changes brought by new technologies, versus providing reassurance to citizens that change can be managed and stability maintained. Take for example the advent of the self-propelled vehicles (cars), which […]

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Image: Rodion Kutsaev. Source: Unsplash.

Digital norms: co-governance for a trusted digital world

This is a timely blog. Fadi Chehadé proposes a digital co-governance system to address current and future digital issues buffeting the world. He brings to this proposal his experience at the helm of ICANN, one of the key institutions in the digital governance space, and his subsequent work as a […]

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