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The Cabinet Table at Downing Street

The Table

The Blavatnik School today took a field trip to No.10 Downing Street – one highlight of which was a chance to sit at the famous Cabinet table. Downing Street is a short row of Georgian town-houses situated a small cul-de-sac off the main thoroughfare of Whitehall in central London.  As […]

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Margaret Thatcher, Conviction not Consensus

Margaret Thatcher, Conviction not Consensus

How can you sum up a life like Margaret Thatcher’s in a few hundred words? Today’s papers, much like last night’s television, will be full of the standard history of Margaret Thatcher’s premiership: ‘U-turn if you want to’; special forces storming the Iranian Embassy; Brixton burning; the task-force leaving Portsmouth […]

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The Magic Wand?

The Magic Wand?

Will public and private sectors ever understand each other? I’ve just experienced an interesting week of classes in the Organisation & Practice module of the MPP – focusing on the relationship between public and private sectors. There was very good discussion about how the public sector has learnt from the […]

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